Course Overview

Whether you’re new to Airbnb or already hosting, this training will help you get up to speed quickly and generate more income from hosting on Airbnb. Our proven process ensures that you’ll avoid common mistakes and hit the ground running using strategies that raise you above 99% of your competitors.


What will i learn

  • Evaluate Airbnb as business opportunity.

  • Create a listing that makes you stand out and optimise bookings

  • Develop a competitive and effective pricing strategy

  • Prepare your property to be a viable Airbnb rental


What will we cover?


  • An Overview of Airbnb

  • Evaluate Airbnb as business opportunity

    • Assess Expectations About Time Commitment

    • Ten Things to Consider Before You Host on Airbnb

Getting Started

  • Be Prepared: How to hit the ground running

    • Checklist: What you need to do to set up your Airbnb business

  • Create your listing

    • Write the perfect title and an engaging description.

    • Take Airbnb quality photos without a professional photo team

    • Tips for using free software to enhance your listing's photos

    • Choose the thumbnail that creates the most interest

  • Set up your Airbnb profile

    • Verify your profile for increased trust and bookings

    • Correctly set cleaning fees and minimum night restrictions

    • Reduce your risk with Insta-book

    • Set Clear and Simple House Rules

Setting Pricing and Policy

  • Get pricing right from the beginning

    • Evaluate your market

    • Shop the competition

    • Read customer reviews

  • Hotel and dynamic pricing methodology

    • Know the Size of Your Prize BEFORE Hosting

    • Discounts and negotiation

    • Cancellations, last-minute bookings, and substitutions

    • Flexible pricing: supply, demand, seasons, and special days

    • Additional Fees (example: cleaning fees)

    • Should you charge for extra guests?

Preparing your Property

  • Cleaning and housekeeping

    • How to find and train cleaners

  • Storing/protecting personal items

  • The Basics:

    • Making your rental guest-friendly

    • Identify and add amenities to dramatically increase the value of your listing

  • Step by Step Checklist:

    • General (lighting, trash, temperature controls)

    • The outside

    • The living areas

    • The bedroom

    • The bathroom

    • The kitchen

  • Access and entry

    • Self Check-in Pros and Cons

  • Extra touches that add Big Value

Managing Stays: The Make or Break List

  • The perfect host

    • Accept bookings

    • Welcome your guests

    • Being available to guests through their stay

    • Managing problem guests

  • Getting positive reviews

    • Prevent 90% of bad reviews

    • One easy way to get more reviews

The Competitive Advantage

  • Scope out competitive offerings

    • Who’s New

    • Who’s changing prices

    • What are customers saying

    • What promotions are available

    • Mystery shopping!

  • Promotion and advertising

    • Promotional opportunities

    • Other sites (additional rental sites and travel sites that link to Airbnb)

    • Local resources (get listed and reviewed by papers, city councils, other sources)

Ongoing Management

  • Protect your identity

  • Spot and avoid potential squatters

  • Get the proper insurance coverage

  • Remember you have neighbours

The Tip of the Iceberg, Airbnb Experiences

  • What are Airbnb Experiences?

  • Hosting Airbnb Experiences

    • Building a safe experience

    • Making the most of your city

    • Tourism and local information

    • Create a cool guidebook for guests

    • The “Must Have” Amenities


Date, Location and Price


Designed to maximise your bookings and profits

This training provides clear and useful tips based on proven strategies.
It will show you essential information and good examples about what you should and you shouldn't do.
Previous students added new knowledge and learnt ways that improved their Airbnb business.


About our Tutor

Sal worked in top of the range hotel chains across the globe and he has been successfully investing in property in the last 10 years, with a portfolio that spans major European cities including London, Paris and Barcelona.

Over the last two years, he has focused on building a business using Airbnb. In this course, he shares his expert tips and strategies learned along the way to save you time and avoid the costly mistakes of learning by trial and error.


Who should attend

If you’re considering running an Airbnb business, or if you’ve already done so but not satisfied with your results, this course is must. This systematic guide to both the common pitfalls and the winning strategies for Airbnb hosts, taught by an expert in the field is invaluable.


What to bring

Anything you can collect regarding your planned or current Airbnb listing. Please bring along your own laptop and charger. WiFi access is available to all attendees. Spare computers will not be available on the day – so it’s essential you bring your own computer.