The digital economy moves quickly, and so must you.

For businesses to thrive and grow, Wecomex has created a set of services designed for businesses who want to stay competitive and grow in an entirely new way.

Our services involve the following key elements:

  • Data-driven - Use data to gain insight into your customers and turn this knowledge into actions.

  • Customer focused - Create more meaningful experiences by developing customer focused content.

  • Mobile ready - Prepare for the shift to a mobile-only world.

  • Cross-channel - Start conversations with your customers that deliver a consistent message across all channels.

Our services are designed to go further, faster and work in the real world.


Online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing strategy is no longer an option, it’s a necessity, proven by research. Our approach effectively sets the direction, sequence and necessary resources to establishes a clear path of action.

We develop a framework for planning your digital marketing strategy by:

  • Understanding the impact of digital on customer behaviour, targeting and tracking.

  • Evaluating existing and emerging marketing channels and tools.

  • Building and maintaining successful relationships.

  • Establishing a clear online value proposition.

  • Managing a campaign from development to roll out and from tracking to evaluation.

Wecomex helps you develop a winning strategy that accelerates growth.


Social Media

Social media allows your business to connect and engage with consumers and establish a brand reputation. Social media marketing is a strategic and methodical process that raises brand awareness and enhances your company’s influence.

Our approach to social media marketing is based on 5 simple pillars that demonstrate “How to Leverage Marketing Success Over Social Media”:

  • Know your customers and define the audience

  • Deliver the message and create content that resonates

  • Define the experience

  • Monitoring and responding

  • Measure and optimise

Social media marketing has become a powerful marketing technique to improve business effectiveness. Enquire with us today for a tailored plan.


Digital Content Strategy

Content marketing is not just a desirable; it’s a must-have. Content marketing creates value and helps people formulate opinions. It answers questions and provides fundamental, basic information to educate customers.

Our unique 7-step process for developing a digital content strategy is based on:

  • Gaining audience insight

  • Evaluating current content and identifying what new content is needed

  • Propagating content

  • Identifying and maximising distribution channels

  • Measuring how you will gauge performance and continually optimise your efforts

  • Building a credible reputation

  • Broadening your reach & boosting website traffic

Marketers from small to large sized companies gain an advantage by utilising powerful and carefully crafted content.


Search Engine Marketing

n today’s competitive market, combining search engine optimization (SEO) with paid search advertising (PPC) dramatically improves your online marketing efforts. Our PPC service uses best-practices, efficient tools and proven techniques that give you the ability to target potential clients you might not otherwise reach.

The approach is based on maximising ROI and driving increments through:

  • Defining your overall digital marketing objectives

  • Knowing your audience and managing the conversion funnel to speak directly to that audience

  • Using powerful bid management tools and reporting techniques to maximise ROI

  • Integrating with other online channels

  • Selecting the predictive bidding strategy, including effective use of automated costs per acquisitions and ROI strategies

While you focus your attention on your business, we maximise your website’s visibility.