It’s crucial for a successful career in digital marketing to identify the trends that are important and focus on developing a strategy to get ahead. Effective, strategy-driven digital marketing isn’t something you can just pick up overnight. It takes knowledge and experience, and it all starts with training.

Our Courses are created to meet the fast-paced, changing and highly competitive field of the digital marketing. The content is constantly updated, keeping up with the latest developments in the industry, so you can be assured that you’ll have the most relevant training with Wecomex.

You are at the centre

Have you ever attended a conference or a training session and seen students leave in the middle? It's painful to watch, yet completely understandable. Often, they leave because the session was not what they expected.

Wecomex put the student voice as central to the learning experience every course is planned to meet student’s needs, expectations, interests and aspirations. Our courses prepare the students to act in a real time environment with relevant topics delivered by the experienced digital marketeers who power our consultancy.



Facebook for business

In our Facebook course, you learn the process and skills required to move your business forward and get the best from your Facebook Business Page.


Linkedin for business

In this course you learn to strengthen your LinkedIn profile. We show you how to use LinkedIn to find new clients or business partners and start meaningful discussions with them.


Build a website in WordPress

This extensive course gives you a complete guide to creating, maintaining and updating your website in WordPress. Teaching you the key skills needed from starting-out to having your website live.