Digital Marketing strategy


Course Overview

A strategy will dictate the most advantageous direction for an organisation to take over a defined period of time. It will also indicate which tactics and means should be used to execute this direction.

This course will explain how to use your strengths, as well as the context in which you are operating, to your advantage.

Be in the class you will active participating in understanding and creating marketing strategy, assessing the outside, considering the needs and expectations of the consumer and moving inwards to the crux of the brand’s identity, to see where the business can gain advantage and add value.


What will I learn

  • An introduction to the Internet and the Marketing Mix.

  • Familiarise with some key terms and concepts around strategy

  • Develop a digital marketing plan.

  • Manage the integration between digital marketing and marketing,

  • Use online tools for gathering market intelligence

  • Implement a digital marketing strategic plan


What will we cover?

  • What is marketing

  • What is digital marketing

  • What is digital marketing strategy?

  • Analysis external context and competitors

  • Digital strategy models

  • Crafting a digital marketing strategy

  • The internet in the traditional marketing mix

  • The seven Ps

  • The tactical marketing mix

  • Digital marketing channels

  • KPIs and Metrics

  • Ongoing optimisation


Date, Location and Price


Strategy is an imperative first step

This training will teach you how to position your brand within the market context and provide a roadmap in order for you to achieve your end goals.

There may be many different paths to reach these goals, in this course you learn what you need to create an effective strategy weighs the available options and makes a choice so you will double your ROI


About our Tutor

Sal worked in top of the range hotel chains across the globe and he has been successfully investing in property in the last 10 years, with a portfolio that spans major European cities including London, Paris and Barcelona.

Over the last two years, he has focused on building a business using Airbnb. In this course, he shares his expert tips and strategies learned along the way to save you time and avoid the costly mistakes of learning by trial and error.


Who should attend

If you’re considering running an Airbnb business, or if you’ve already done so but not satisfied with your results, this course is must. This systematic guide to both the common pitfalls and the winning strategies for Airbnb hosts, taught by an expert in the field is invaluable.


What to bring

Anything you can collect regarding your planned or current Airbnb listing. Please bring along your own laptop and charger. WiFi access is available to all attendees. Spare computers will not be available on the day – so it’s essential you bring your own computer.