The benefits of digital tools are not limited to digital sectors. Digital transformation can make every business more productive. Our range of e-commerce services cover the key aspects of online retailing strategies and are specifically tailored to your business.

We believe most businesses should focus on three core activities in order to remain competitive and achieve growth:

  • Usability and persuasion

  • Conversion optimisation

  • Measurement and analytics

Our approach has helped a number of popular online retailers to transform and enhance the customer experience and maximise the potential of e-commerce.


Usability and Persuasion

Usability and persuasion techniques are proven to increase conversion rates. We use a wide range of techniques designed to improve conversion, encourage visitors to spend more, and deliver a more engaging and memorable online experience.

The framework we use is proven to:

  • Enhance usability and persuasion of search, navigation and browsing

  • Improve usability and persuasion of product page design

  • Determine the ideal shopping bag design

  • Identify techniques for delivering an intuitive, streamlined checkout process for new and returning visitors

eCommerce growth is driven by usability strategy. Making use of data, visitor and customer insights, Wecomex quickly improve the effectiveness of your website.


Conversion Optimisation

Websites, like everything else in the world, have their own inherent purposes. They primarily exist to drive ‘conversions’.

Our conversion optimisation service involves implementing a strategy and process which targets an increase in sales revenue and profitability. This service involves implementing a data-driven approach of onsite testing and optimisation, and arms you with strategic knowledge to directly apply.

The conversion optimisation process involves:

  • Evaluating current website performance

  • Building and testing a hypothesis

  • Reviewing the results

Conversion rate optimisation is an invaluable strategy to unlock sales growth. We help retailers get smarter with your conversion process.


Measurement and Analytics

Analysing the efficiency and effectiveness of digital marketing efforts is essential. These metrics enable businesses to set budgets based on returns, and to drive organisational growth and innovation.

Wecomex has a unique approach that takes a deeper look at:

  • Acquisition, conversion and retention

  • Aligning marketing activities, strategies, and metrics with business goals

  • Identifying key digital channels that drive positive ROI.

  • Using filters, advanced segmentation, attribution modelling, goals & e-commerce tracking to define and improve conversions and marketing ROI

By analysing visitor segments and behaviours, you’ll learn how to produce a plan and develop the most appropriate metrics, tools and digital marketing improvement processes for your organisation.