Course Overview

Your business needs to be on Facebook. Thanks to its popularity, Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms on the web. Facebook can help you to engage with the customers that are most interested in your products and services.

A company profile on Facebook gives you the potential to reach millions of new customers. Simply having a presence is not enough. In our extensive course, you will learn how to use the simple but critical tools Facebook provides and how you can increase your sales driven through Facebook.

This course will provide you with essential digital marketing skills that enable you to develop your business and get more from Facebook.


What will I learn

  • Develop an effective Business Page.

  • Build your audience.

  • Use advanced Facebook page features.

  • Develop the right strategy for your audience

  • Apply Facebook insights to real situations.


What will we cover?

Build a professional Facebook Business Pages

  • Understand how Facebook Pages work.

  • Add a logo and cover photo to a Facebook page.

  • Add photos and videos to a Facebook page.

  • Add a call to action to posts

  • Modify Facebook page setting.

  • Choose a username for your Facebook page.

  • Learn the 5 critical elements of every fan page.

Build your audience

  • How to invite friends to like your Facebook page.

  • Invite email contacts to like your Facebook page.

  • Add a Facebook like button to your website.

  • Apply the 5-3-2 rules.

  • Analyse the critical elements of audience building.

Facebook posts

  • Understand the importance of post content.

  • How to design effective posts.

  • How to find valuable content that gets shared.

  • Best practices for Facebook posts.

  • Post an update on your Facebook page.

Optimise your Pictures to convert more fans.

  • Add photo and videos to your posts.

  • How to pin posts on Facebook pages.

  • How to schedule Facebook posts.

  • Advanced Facebook page features.

  • How to create a Facebook event.

  • Hot to create a Facebook milestone.

Facebook Insight

  • What, why and where in Facebook Insights.

  • Measurements on your page's performance.

  • Key metrics for your most recent posts.

  • Benchmarking against competitors.

  • Assess engaged fan.

  • Use the affinity score.


Date, Location and Price


Ready to take your skills to the next level?

Wecomex has designed this course to help anyone market more effectively on Facebook. Previous students have created significant growth and achieved amazing results for their business.


Why Chose us

Wecomex is committed to putting the needs of students at the centre of every course.

  • Our courses are prepared by experienced PGCAP lecturers.

  • Targeted individual and group exercises.

  • Small classroom tailored to meet students needs.

  • Industry backing, skills learnt to apply in real-world situations.

  • Our tutors have large professional experience and passionate about teaching.


Who should attend

This course is ideal for anyone looking to get to grips with Facebook or who is in the process of getting a Facebook strategy up and running for their brand. Small business owners, Marketers, Advertising managers, Public Relations and e-commerce professionals will all benefit from this course. ANYONE looking for the most highly targeted and cheapest advertising strategies on Facebook


What to bring

Please bring along your own laptop and charger. WiFi access is available to all attendees. Spare computers will not be available on the day – so it’s essential you bring your own computer.