Course Overview

One in three professionals in the world has a LinkedIn account, and 49 percent of key decision makers use LinkedIn for business purposes.
Thus LinkedIn is a social network that you cannot afford to ignore. 

It's the first logical place to start the process of building your personal brand . If you disregard the importance of branding, your ambitions are likely to be frustrated, and your competitors are more likely to win. 

This course teaches you how to build a LinkedIn profile that promotes you and your accomplishments, maximise the many applications.


What will i learn

  • Create a Linkedin profile that will get you noticed.
  • Optimised your profile for Linkedin to be easily found.
  • Use advance techniques to connect with clients directly.
  • Learn how to post on LinkedIn to get more leads and clients.
  • Learn how to connect with influential decision-makers at major companies.

What will we cover?

Optimise profile sections

  • How to write a LinkedIn headline that gets attention. 
  • How to write an amazing LinkedIn summary
  • What to add to your work experience to boost your profile. 

Some advanced LinkedIn tips to improve your profile even more

  • How to set up your custom LinkedIn public profile URL
  • Where to add keywords to your LinkedIn profile
  • How to get more endorsements so Linkedin will rank you higher.
  • How to Get Amazing Recommendations on LinkedIn
  • Customise profile visibility settings Add twitter and WeChat

Additional sections which will boost your profile

  • Projects, Publications and Awards
  • Principles & Experimentation
  • Publishing on Linkedin  
  • How to Post on LinkedIn to Become an Expert

Numerous ways of engaging and connect directly with potential customer

  • Finding the person who makes the final decision.
  • Applying directly to people without ever talking to anyone.
  • This is how top performing job hunters find great jobs.
  • Find the person who makes the final hiring decision
  • How to get the email of any hiring manager for free  

LinkedIn marketing, promote your profile

  • Rapidly Grow your Connections
  • The Power of Groups and making them work
  • How to send message to non connections
  • Search for connections
  • Company Info for Job Search
  • Saved contacts connections
  • Browser extensions for user information
  • Customize your invitation to connect
  • Engagement after connecting
  • Messages Inmail Invitations


  • Manage who can see your connections
  • Optimize your location industry
  • Privacy Settings profiles broadcasting
  • Privacy Settings Connections Rank
  • Privacy Controls what gets seen
  • Activity BroadCast
  • Communications

Date Locations and price

23 Oct 2017
Sat | 10am-11pm

King's College,
Rowditch Lane SW11 5BX

Cost £345

Tailor your LinkedIn profile so that you can start to yield its benefits

Whether you're just getting started on LinkedIn, or you've been on LinkedIn for several years, you will learn some new strategies to get more business from LinkedIn with this course.

Many of our students have received more than 70% of new leads from the LinkedIn strategy learnt of the course . 


Next Course

Date: 20 June 2016 

Time: 9:00 to 18:00

Location 58 Rowditch Lane SW11 5BX

Price: £330


Why Chose us

Wecomex is committed to put the student's need at the centre of every course.  

  • Our courses are prepared by experienced PGCAP lecturers.
  • Targeted individual and group exercises.
  • Small classroom tailored to meet students needs
  • Industry backing, skills learnt apply in real world situations.
  • Our tutors have large professional experience and passionate about teaching.

What to bring

Please bring along your own PC or Mac laptop and charger, that is able to connect to the Internet - WiFi access will be available to all attendees. No spares will be available on the day – so it’s essential you bring your own computer along