How to start a commerce business and sell products online

Starting an e-commerce business is easy yet started a successful e-commerce business requires strategic planning and sales tactics .

First and foremost you need to answer yourself this question am I going to use a self-hosted website to run my e-commerce business for hosted eCommerce business like Amazon or Alibaba.
Second you need to have a clear strategic plan and figure out who are your customers and the end users in the market you plan to sell your products to and what are their consumer behaviours who are your main competitors in the market what is your online pricing strategy how will it fit with your offline pricing strategy how and who will promote your new e-commerce activities and who will provide customer service what is social media mobile content management plan do you need to hire any new staff in the market do you have the resources to store pack shape and handle returns do you need to rent a wine new promises how do you deliver your products do you need to register your business overseas ayuh sales still below the distance sell and BHA for assault in the new country if you have clear answers to the 7 questions are asked then you are all set to go start your e-commerce business third if you choose to use hosted ecommerce business care a few points for you to consider every year requirements first and make sure you get the right package some packages offer different options and features they may not be relevant or crucial indeed fees some suppliers charge a variety of face such as setup fee transaction fee support fee make sure you add all the costs storage allowance this is about how much data images etc you can store online the host and location first check which country your website will be hosted in this may impact on your website performance and CEO check also where the support and maintenance team are based on whether they provide 24 hours suffered to ensure your a website is not down during your peak selling time that's all for today if you have any questions I would like to speak to us for more details contact us from down below and do not forget to subscribe to our Channel bye for now