How to start a ecommerce business and sell products online

Starting an e-commerce business is easy yet started a successful e-commerce business requires strategic planning and sales tactics .

First and foremost, you need to answer yourself this question: am I going to use a self-hosted website to run my e-commerce business for hosted eCommerce business like Amazon or Alibaba.

Second, you need to have a clear strategic plan, figure out who are your customers and what are their consumer behaviours. Who are your main competitors in the market, what is your online pricing strategy how will it fit with your offline pricing strategy.

How and who will promote your new e-commerce activities and who will provide customer service? What is social media content management plan? Do you need to hire any new staff in the market? Do you have the resources to store pack shape and handle returns? How do you deliver your products? Do you need to register your business overseas?

If you have clear answers to these questions are asked, then you are all set to go start your e-commerce business.