Inbound Marketing Explained

Today, consumers are bombarded with millions of marketing messages. Researches showed that the average consumer, in America, is exposed to around 4,000 ads message each day.

Outbound marketing like interruptive ads, direct mail, cold calling just doesn't work anymore. The reason is simple, now, there are all sorts of ways to block out messages, people are more in control of what information they receive, so the whole outbound marketing isn't doing the job anymore today.

In order to attract potential customers, marketers have to change their approach and provide them with something valuable and/or enjoyable, that's where inbound marketing comes in.

It is an approach to marketing that attracts individuals to your product by creating quality content that users find valuable and engaging.

Blog, Social Media, Videos, Podcasts and SEO are tools to implement an inbound marketing strategy. For example, writing valuable blogs post optimised with relevant keywords will help your content to be found on Search Engines, Making engaging videos and podcasts to promote your content on Social Media is key to increase your company exposure. The simple rule is publishing the right content in the right place at the right time and your marketing becomes relevant and helpful to your customers

Inbound marketing creates a valuable online experience for prospects and customers coming and navigating your site. Ultimately, as marketers, all the content must have a strong call to action to convert visitors into customers.
However, the primary aim of inbound marketing is different: it focuses on being seen. The right inbound digital marketing strategy will make your company easier to be found, gain the customer’s attention, and draw them to pages with relevant content.