The importance of SEO campaigns

Every business owner should understand the meaning of SEO. The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of improving the visibility of your website within the search engine results.

Google is the primary search engine with the majority of traffic. One of the main reasons for SEO is to improve the visibility of your brand within those search results, and actually become part of those relevant search results or the top 10 organic results on Google.

Research suggests that 60% of all searches go through to those top 3 results that show up in the organic positions. So, we're talking just below 33% of all searches go into position 1. So, if you’re on top of Google organically, you were going to get at least 33% of all that traffic that was searching for your service.

If we think about how much traffic that could potentially bring you and your business, it's definitely worth investing in SEO campaigns. In terms of brand awareness, SEO is perfect to go alongside any branding campaign. It's estimated there are about forty thousand searches a second on Google alone. Now, if you think about Bing and the other search engines that are out there if your brand is at the top of Google for any of those search results that are relevant to you in your industry, then you're going to be seen as the brand to go after and to buy from.

Creating Optimal SEO Campaigns

An effective SEO campaign will improve the number of visitors to your website. A qualified visitor is someone who has a problem that is solved with your service or is actually looking for your service as we speak.
For example, a perfect question could be, "how do I change a tire on my car?" well - if you're providing tire changing services. That's probably the first search that someone's going to do when they're looking for an answer. So if your website is ranked on Google, or another search engine, for a keyword relevant to the question you could start to build traffic to your website. Obviously, the example is a bit basic, but you will be amazed to see a lot of people searching for things, you may not have think of that are directly related to your business.

The aim of an SEO campaign

It's fairly straight forward to think that with SEO you're going to gain more visitors to your website. The more visitors you get, the more sales and leads you’re potentially going to get. If you've got a thousand monthly visitors at the moment, and if your website converts 3%, you would have 30 sales per month. What if, you have bespoke SEO campaign you will double those visitors? Even if you have a slight drop in conversion, you're still going to get a vast increase in the number of opportunities and the number of sales that you’ll actually make on that website.

SEO, in a nutshell, gives you a lot more traffic and many more visitors who are qualifying to the service that you are offering or products that you are selling.

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