Why is content marketing important to B2B marketers?

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable content to attract acquire and engage a target audience. The objective is to drive profitable customer action, to do so, it is important for marketers to leverage content marketing.

To understand this, we have to first understand the importance of content focused marketing approach.

Let's take the example of a fictitious company called “Boxy”, a company that sells boxes and shipping supplies.

Boxy is looking to tell their customers about their great products, amazing customer service and super low prices. Boxy's used traditional customer interaction focusing push techniques and hard sales pitches. Boxey has noticed that their website traffic is low and their sales are declining so in an effort to drive more sales. Boxey decided to try a content focused marketing approach. In the content marketing approach, Boxy recognised the customer's needs and shared information around those, in form of case studies, infographic, interviews, podcasts, videos to name a few. Furthermore, it used content marketing to establish their expertise. Boxey was able to engage with consumers, it offered insights that were important to establish expertise and gain consumers trust and helped them connect with the brand. Having trust and feel connected to a brand makes a customer receptive to any subsequent marketing messages.

Marketers should use content marketing on the wider context of inbound marketing, the strategy should focus on:

· build and increase brand awareness

· engage with customers and prospects

· promote thought leadership and drive sales.

How to reach out to B2B customers using content marketing.

A B2B customer could be anyone working at a company so marketers need to focus their efforts based on consumption behaviours.

What are these customers looking for when they search for content? B2B, customers begin their search by examining content across various channels including social, they also talk to their friends and peers to get feedback. This is done long before they approach a vendor. Hence, marketers need to be proactive on these channels, so they can voice their brand and product offerings. The content produced has to be readily available and easily accessible online, by doing so they ensure consistent messaging for their brand and earn the customers' trust.

To create awareness, build engagement, drive thought leadership and gain revenue businesses need content. A 64.3% marketing professionals said content marketing delivers a higher ROI.