Course Overview

WordPress is the used by over a quarter of the world's websites. Many famous blogs, news outlets, Fortune 500 companies and celebrities are using WordPress to manage their websites. 

This course is structured to teach anyone how to create a website in WordPress that looks professional and is entirely tailored to your needs. We take you step by step through the process, explaining every feature of WordPress.

Our updated courses are focused to the latest versions of WordPress, including WordPress 4.0, giving you the most relevant training and knowledge. Further, Wecomex will teach you how to use WordPress for search engine optimisation (SEO) to help you appear at the top of search results.


What will i learn

  • Plan a successful website

  • Build a functional, beautiful, responsive website with WordPress.

  • Navigate around the WordPress dashboard.

  • Understand the main features of WordPress

  • Know how to configure WordPress for best results

  • Protect their WordPress website from hackers and spammers


What will we cover?

Website design planning process

  • Website goals

  • Brainstorm

  • Wireframe

  • Producing content

Dashboard setting, what they do, and what you should use

  • Login to the dashboard

  • The notion of the dashboard

  • Changing the dashboard palette colour

  • The screen options

  • Changing wordpress settings

  • Changing the e-mail address

  • Changing the timezone

  • Manage users permissions and comments

Themes and appearance

  • What is a theme?

  • Where to find free themes

  • Mobile responsive themes

  • How to check if a theme works for mobile devices

  • Viewing themes

  • Changing the theme

  • Installing a downloaded theme

  • Updating a theme

  • Deleting a theme

The difference between pages and posts, and a simple way to know which one you should be using.

  • Uploading images & files

  • Viewing all the pages/posts

  • Deleting a page/posts

  • Un-deleting a page/posts

  • Adding pages/post

  • Inserting images

  • Enabling and dealing with visitor comments.

Effective use of categories and tags. 

  • What are categories and tags, why use them.

  • How to effectively organise content using categories and tags.

  • How to effectively use tags and categorises for SEO

  • Best practices for using categories and tags.

About plugins

  • What is a plugin?

  • Where to find plugins

  • Downloading a plugin

  • Installing a plugin

  • Updating a plugin

  • Uninstalling a plugin

Creating a new menu

  • Adding pages to the menu

  • Adding a custom link menu item

  • Re-arranging menu items

  • Setting the menu location

  • Removing a menu item

  • Setting the home page

Understand what WordPress widgets are and how to use them

  • What is a widget?

  • What is a sidebar?

  • Adding/removing widgets

  • Using the text widget to add text

  • Using the text widget to add images

Adding social media buttons

  • Uploading the images

  • Applying hyperlinks

  • Placing it on a sidebar

  • Using a plugin to add social media buttons

WordPress web security

  • Using strong passwords

  • Changing the admin user

  • Keeping wordpress & plugins & themes up to date

  • Making regular backups

Backing up the website

  • Installing a plugin

  • Creating a backup

  • Locating the backup

Registering and hosting a website

  • Domain names

  • Registering a domain

  • Hosting a domain

  • Hosting options

  • The steps to register a domain


Date locations and price

17/18 Mar 2017
Sat/Sun | 10:00-17:00

Monticello House, 
45 Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 4JP

Cost £348


14/21 Apr 2017
Sat/Sun | 10:00-17:00

Monticello House, 
45 Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 4JP

Cost £348


09/10 Jun 2017
Sat/Sun | 10:00-17:00

Monticello House, 
45 Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 4JP

Cost £348


WordPress allows you to create fully functional websites and is easy to use. 

Our structured course guides you step-by-step through every stage of the process. The course material is illustrated with fabulous examples and features checklists and tips.

Many of our previous students successfully launched their business online in just a couple of days.



Next Course

Date: 17/18 Mar 2017 

Time: 10:00 to 17:00

Location 45 Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 4JP

Price: £348


Why Chose us

Wecomex is committed to put the student's need at the centre of every course.  

  • Our courses are prepared by experienced PGCAP lecturers.

  • Targeted individual and group exercises.

  • Small classroom tailored to meet students needs

  • Industry backing, skills learnt apply in real world situations.

  • Our tutors have large professional experience and passionate about teaching.


Who should attend

This course is for anyone looking to build a website for personal or business reasons.

You don't need any experience with programming languages like HTML or CSS. The course is structured so you learn to master WordPress without getting bogged down with technical detail. All you need is average computer skills

This course will be given using a free website on, so you can learn without paying for a web hosting. The knowledge you acquire can then be applied to manage your business on WordPress.


What to bring

Please bring along your own PC or Mac laptop and charger that is able to connect to broadband internet. WiFi access will be available to all attendees. No spares will be available on the day – so it’s essential you bring your own computer along.